The World is big and so are Dreams


Just before entering 2012, there was this magical encounter…

Alice and Muhammed met in a tipi, one festive night after the solstice. They smiled at each other with trance drumming and didgeridoos on the background, thrilled by the luck to be part of that anarchist community and enjoy the warm Andaluz winter.

She was there with her son, 6 years old David, providing him alternative education and lifestyle and allowing him freedom and wild nature.

Three months later, David left to spend time with his father back in Dacia and Alice decided to visit a dear friend in Denmark.

Muhammed joined the travel, so they started hitchhiking together north.

Camping in Christiania, free love and joy embodied, there came new life to be born from them.

They invested in a cargo bike and pedaled romantically till north of Denmark. Used boat and sent the bike further north,  Alice discovered she was pregnant just after reaching the Arctic Circle.

So they decided to stay in the forest and prepare for welcoming their child.

They built a nest deep into the wild and peacefully delivered their first daughter.

The Aurora Borealis was dancing in the skies and the infamous solstice of 2012 was of little importance for the new family.

           They considered gifting their daughter sovereignty, but the moment they stepped out from the forest, the state threatened with kidnapping their newborn if numbers not related to her person, so they had to compel, accepting it would be easier to move around in the world, but than bureaucracy and unprofessional social entities turned it into a struggle.

           David was eager to meet his mother and little sister and wanted to return to the community in Iberia where they had such a great time, so the family decided to travel south, without a passport…

Altogether, they went to live in a tiny stone house, with garden and peace. 

Drinking water that has never sit still with berries fragrance …

…and no bothers…

 And they traveled around enjoying the sun…


The family spent a winter in an oranges and olives farm of a lovely Saharan mother of three…


Norwegian media came to visit us to renew the story of the baby born in the forest and without papers. It was 3 days of filming and debating, but the final result was beyond disappointing. Blogging is better.

In the spring…David went to spend time with his grandparents. His sister and her parents went on exploring Portugal, gathering loads of gorgeous memories …

…bought a couple of second hand bikes and camped in the mountains of Algarve

…Played music on the streets whenever they felt like sharing their joy…

…and invested precious time into connecting and recharging with the mighty Ocean…         

Keeping in touch with David

Devouring fruits in the sunshine

…and endless marvels


They checked out a rainbow community


And headed back, crossing Europe with the 1 and a halfears old still without documents, with the hope to go back to her origin place and fix it.


They got one more cargo bike and took the ferry to Norway. The whole journey held a few adventures but things went quite smooth and, at the end of the summer… they were back north.

 The family enjoyed the Scandinavian autumn and the magical forest full of berries and wonders

Camping in the yard of friends

Or put up a camp in the forest outside the city

In October 2014, the family moved to a surreal island above the Arctic Circle. David went to state school in the 4th grade. Ayo received state confirmation for her existence at almost 2 years old.

Writing new songs

And Muhammed recorded some new tracks for an upcoming album

A new member of the family started preparing to join them and the winter went on peaceful.

Ea arrived after the summer solstice of 2015, spiraling her way out… home, into the water, near the Ocean, with gentle, unassisted birth.

After 3 hours of easy labor, the family welcomed her, no crying when meeting the new World, peaceful and smooth,  also allowed the placenta to fall by itself.

The summer was spent with midnight sun and plenty of joy.


Then… it felt like the time to move again arrived.

So with the invitation from fate to go make a base for the children, save an ancient virgin forest and plant hundreds of fruit trees, the family left Scandinavia and headed to Wild Carpatia, where a sunny piece of paradise was going to host their few belongings, such that the next journeys could be lighter …

Yes, a solar panel can be brought by plane!

The Sanctuary… and beyond! :



          Where there are flowers, there is bees and butterflies

Sun warm bath

On the highway

Guardians of the Green

Harvesting fruits of Mother Earth

No WiFi nor telephone signal inside the stone house, but some bits of SuperMarioBros

  and selected video entertainment

Fire rituals

 and food rituals



Show must go on!



Urban views

… and spaces of tranquility



The World is big and so are Dreams!

Join the adventures!

           (We are currently exploring Europe, the stories will follow in the next posts.

David is road schooling, while registered to an international umbrella school, so to not be bothered by any education authorities. It does costs quite much for our family budget to pay for the American cover school and enjoy easy transport and vegan abundance during our journeys, so any support would be heartily appreciated. 💗✨💚

For bank transfer 😊

Alice-Andreea Onofrei
IBAN : NO4745093277132

Norsk bank account nr: 4509 32 77132

Our Dreams coming true shall bring fulfillment to You too. Thank You! 💗     WE LIVE DREAMS!

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