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By Alice

         …I once believed in freedom. The only real boundaries acknowledged here were supposed to be the limits of my body.


            The world is though composed of different types of accepted matrices and it is demanded to belong to one of them.



          That for its own survival, not mine; for its continuity, not my choices; for why change a winning team? Well… Because there is nothing to win, all profit goes to the organizers and the participants are tricked by the illusion of fame and the thrills of competing.

          I once believed the societies are made for our better administration of our abilities and resources. I thought we want to have it nice… I believed the civilized world represents indeed the evolution on this planet.

         Maybe I was wrong assuming it heads towards prosperity and happiness for all beings.

            I see the slavery that has always been so typical to our race… Applying it to the ones of our kinds. I mean to all the nature around…I guess we forgot we are a fragment of the whole and everything is connected.

           So it’s more like putting a string around our own legs or eating our own eyes… Is this how we are progressing?

            I once believed in the objectivity, in the fair and just interaction, but we learn everyday on TV how to not trust each other.

              And how could we trust someone that talks about freedom to our children in classes and demands them to answer when they are asked and prove they can reproduce what they have been told they should know?


            With the children it begins the end of freedom. With the most pure and free ones. So they can grow and perpetuate this freedom inside the golden cage, like the dog happy to get some rests of people’s meals in exchange of fulfilling with their demands and stay in leash…maybe the dog would find a better meal and more comfortable shelter and enjoy his time in this world administrating his own life, so did we just sold our lives in exchange of the promise to get daily meals and shelter? Is it even any real security in this? What if the master replaces his dog with an App one day?  Is it the dog really living his life or is it only serving in order for the master to enjoy his time in this world?


             There has been researches showing the power of the wild food compared with the industrial grown , all controlled and regulated foods served to our bodies.

 Yes, kids can enjoy the bitterness of dandelions, especially when they pick it themselves!

                                  birch buds can be eaten even during winter

                                        berries can also be discovered barefoot

              There is psychological researches talking about the progress of our brains while stimulated by new challenges, by living without fixed schedule and obviously, to think for yourself instead of following orders would be more likely to survive in any situation, still nowadays challenges are of virtual matter…


             Having a society of wealthy, all capable individuals would eliminate the reason to have governments and controlling layers in the society…   Why would they agree with the freedom of chances? There would be no more “they” if the children would be shown how to think and find solutions more than what to think and what to apply in standard procedures.


            And because there is need of the creative minds and taking advantage of people´s repressed, personal dreams, the society claims as progress a new furniture design, giving kudos to the individual and inviting to become better in fields that actually make no real impact in the evolution on this planet.

               Or are you not wondering why the inventions of clean and free energy  are not being as popular as fashion brands? H2O POWER

So many of the people would agree that the world we live in is not very nice and functional for everybody, that the capitalism is the new religion and that to have it better one can only aspire to become one of those that rule over the rest… What is ignored is the possibility to have it different…

               Some say that we take away the real possibilities for our kids to become someone…I would say they are talking about possibilities for them to be in the front line of this suicidal society…

              For they have rights to be part of something they have no idea what is all about, blinded by the shinny toys of unscupulous McDonald’s, while swallowing some ¨standard food¨ via unscrupulous Nestle, made of ingredients unknown to the general public?

           But is it the traditional way the only way?… Maybe what the master gives to the dog isn´t the only think nature has, and his real nature was lost while his puppies were raised in cages as employers…
          We have chosen unschooling, roadschooling, worldschooling, selfschooling not because we feel proudly suficient, but because the example of my oldest son have prooven the disfuctional approach of the state school system and made the kid unhappy and understimulated, lost motivation and had ¨trouble¨with sitting still when his body urged him to run and climb!

          What I see now in the schools is only a place where youth can socialize using trivial possessions and appearance, practicing the future superficial relations between busy important owners of stuff…for our children are educated into finding happiness in having things and comfort, and power and value in the shopping centers… Where they all meet and talk about objects that represents their souls….
          In the end… I do not claim having the ultimate knowledge, neither the best way of living, but I pray for freedom and hope we can use the experiences here to develop each individual without demanding the others to fulfill with one standard self’s tyranny!


  1. Harald Medbøe says:

    Very nice Alice. 30Th I will meet Åsa in Bucharest, we will be there for New Year´s Eve.

    • welivedreams says:

      Thank You! Enjoy the winter celebrations in Bucharest, big hugs to Åsa too and see you dears at the exposition and launching of Shukar Magazine on 30Th Mars!

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