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Each trip we take is taking us to a new dimensional view on the world. Each place and situation shapes our path same as the sea bites the shore or adds its shell under our steps. The Ocean shines different every day, like always another sun would nurture its shades and give authenticity to the reality of each now.

We have encountered and experienced countless of presents. We have learned and adapted as epigenetics and the environment reinvent our character trades from scratch at any given eye blink.

The song of the waves of today is forever incomparable with the one we listened to the day before and neither the sunset would dance its rainbow at the horizon in the same moves, and none of all this could ever be reproduced, but it carries the treasure of genuine awe in front of each particular experience.

It shall be me, each one of us, travelers, the final result, I shall wear in each of my wrinkles, the sun, and there shall form a hologram of those adventures when a kid will stare at my forehead.
For it does not matter even the many spaces and times I have explored, but the print they designed on my soul, for if Alzheimer would come and move among my memories, it would be irrelevant even the only existence of them… Than it is only me standing, my attitude rooted in something forgotten, but still shaped as that old relation. Like when the DNA was removed from the spirals with photons in that experiment, and the light continued to keep the mystical shape of the DNA it was entangled with…

And as for some down to earth details… :

The level of trust of the products targeting the mainstream tourism has been severily damaged, due to noticing the quality as one of the worst, as for the way of keeping loyal to certain lifestyle particularities, it is possible to go around consuming mainly local, ecological and fair trade, plastic and package free, mostly raw and nutritious, easy to handle without much cutlery foods.

Coming up some points of our minimalist family traveling, with such as giving-ups-to and must-haves in order to flow with harmony and basic comfort for enjoying nomad life with children.

The girls don’t have a fixed schedule of daily rituals but, naturally they eat when they are hungry, drink when they feel thirsty and wake up with the sunrise and go to bed soon after sunset. That can be in the tent in the cozy sleeping bed, or in the strollers, while rolling around in some new whereabouts we just landed….



So wheels are some nice invent optimizing our travels, we dream of a big wheeled vehicle with no dirty fuels, there is rumors of solar powered mini cars or camper bikes, we would adapt such idea to a no battery or hemp battery to remove the nasty precious and harmful elements needed for the standard ones, that would make possible also the bringing along of a more spacious tent or an inside space to provide shelter and intimacy…

So for now we praise our baby strollers, useful both for kids as for heavy luggage items, until we shall take the trip to China and acquire some of their seemingly functional solar powered vehicles to hit the roads of that grandiose land of magic ( a dream trip based on the intent to get the wheels and than travel the big wonder of that civilization and amazing nature and choose some other checking outs on the route back to Europe, driving our customized vehicle over the borders and so avoiding huge taxing if we would have imported it a package instead of taking the trip to the source… )
Must have at least one tent, sleeping bags and/or blankets, mats I don’t find necessary, for there is cardboard out there which provides straight, softer and warmer floor, without the chemicals for and from some isomat.

We have been abandoning toys and clothes little by little, to reduce the charge and increase the comfort of moving around lightly (a pair of linen light but not so comfortable pants became a jumping rope like toy)

We kept a couple of plates, drinking cups and spoons, a knife, some thread and sawing needle, a nail clipper, the toothbrushes ( toothpaste can be some bit of oil or turmeric, clay or sodium bicarbonate), few clothes, so we can wash fast and often, biological soap, toys became less interesting after a volley ball and a beach tennis set were gifted to the kids at a market and we payed 3 euros for two pairs of rolling skates and some underwater goggles. And a tiny sea is forming when the moon is full and close, just a few meters from our camping, shallow and warm, perfect playground for losing track of time with a bottle and a cup to spice up the interaction with the ocean and building of mud huts or small scale channels…



Must specify that our 5 yrs old daughter have learned to swim and that brings a new dimension to the water fun!

We have intuitionally discovered places providing peaceful night retreat and water source nearby in all the towns we have visited.

Now we are camping in some sort of no-man´s-land, near a forest and close enough to fall asleep on the song of the waves collapsing into the musical spiral, at the outskirts of a magical little coast town in the south of the island.

We leave the tents with most of our belongings there, it is other tents with backpackers among us and the system did not disappointed us with any rubbery, even it won´ t be any material good to really miss; we bring along the few valuables and trust nobody would steal our sleeping bags, or food, or if that shall happen, we feel that might have been a bigger need for that item than we had left there, so we are kind of fine with whatever the outcome of our way of doing things would be.

We play music on the street often by evening, when we feel like actually doing that act, the touching of sounds with our directed rhythm, that is why it is a natural, easy going interaction we have with the passing byres, not working as a job, but sharing the enjoyment of playing the A-432hz tuned instrument, blending the lovely tones with the twilight energy and such, composing together with the rest, the orchestra of
that place and moment´s soundscape…

We never aim for certain amount of coins, for it will always be enough, value does not consists for us in the quanitity, we have dozens of examples to support this conclusion, so it is more about moving of the spirits and every gesture and direction we head our steps or intentions is contributing to our daily life. We have had abundance and wealth and joy even with very simple circumstances and never expected the universe either to feed or to fail us. For it does not lay on or depend on the feasting or power to shop, our peace and gratefulness for every thing that interacts with our paths.

We get washing water on the beach or from the mall. Here we also charge the devices to connect in the virtual world, while having some papaya party. The drinking water we find often in springs in mountain villages, but we have to buy it when on the coast.

We have the world to explore, not a t.v., we have the stars, not christmas tree lights, we have the sea, not a bathtub, we have the sun moves, not a clock. We have to deal with the freedom that calls upon the responsibility of any intuitive steer when we suddenly decide to take that bus that just stopped because its destination name sounds appealing, we have the social life of always new neighbors and populations with typical attitudes and customs, we have the lessons about human doings when lifting our eyes up to the tower that shadows the hidden path we took between the old settlements of past cultures, we have the empty beaches when all crawl back to their bubbles of comfort designed agreed upon stereotypes, we have the birds song, we have the privilege of wilderness and darkness and space around, we have the big forest, not the hotel room, we have the shadow of the palm tree, not the air conditioner, we have the time to slowly stroll without fixed plan, timing or destination, we have the possibility for our children to reach us at any moment, we have only the limits we feel as fundamental for a smooth flow, created by us and designing our reality without strong attachments or pseudo-conditionings .

Maybe our children will check out other ways of living, they may grow up to enjoying consistent organization of their days, but the freedom and the multitude of experiences they can dance with during our journeys would provide them with strong insights and a great load of diversity of situations to have had contributed to their open mind and expanded perception of the wholeness with its infinite elements, as they grow deeper and faster in what is called wisdom by encountering all so much more details and, same as an experienced chess player, would have better reactions and ability to find solutions, also a non-material set of values to reduce the risk of enslavement or the concern of low self esteem after having meet with so many people and ways of life, they could have a less prone to tragedy view on life by acknowledging that a blouse can easily be hand washed in the sea and rinsed where sand is rinsed of people, that things are to be respected and enjoyed, when we recicle or transform, repair, but not to be attached on, for they come to us more by chance than by strong desire, such as never buying new stuff ( aside food which is preferred fresh) understanding what we have service of can alongside lead to inequitable and abusive way of production.

Why worldschooling? Roadschooling? Unschooling? Nomading? Cause it is the highest fortune the chance to expand the potentiality for experience and diversity!
Cause I would have never understood as many social, cultural and administrative matters while studying sophisticated terms and definitions as while traveling and observing humans. And nature. And human nature.

It is not the value in the number of explored areas of the planet, but the inner journeys triggered by the new situations, for we have so much conversations with the self upon noticing the others, for we have to figure out how that other way of doing things have also been happening in the same world.

As conclusions arrive and settle new egos and certainties, much old belief is abandoned and we open up for finding joy in the simple things, for unconditional love , for readjusting of preferences and not only tolerance, but humbleness in front of the infinite of manifestations we can be subjected to or witness during our passage…



  1. kadi+korbi says:

    hello, beautiful people!
    you know, we are living here in romania since almost 5 yers now, stopped after travelling because we needed to havea place to born our babies and to live free. together with our 2 children, we createt a nice space in the beautiful carpatians near hunedoara. basic things were doing is creating a selfsufficient system of food supplies, and we have already giant storages. we bought about 15ha of forest and haylands, having 2houses,orchards, a cow and a horse,chickens,little tractor and half hektar of garden. great that we found out about you. cause seems youre really nice people. may we could get in contact, maybe visit each other, its always good when we know more from our species. we have space here, a free house for travellers, whenever you want to come,or stay, everything is possible, this year is coming another 2 families whith kids here. we can offer land. no money no problem.our contact 0733451749 (Romania),facebook:korbinian theden, kinder dieser erde.

    • welivedreams says:

      Waw,thank you, beautiful brothers and sisters 💚
      Sounds magical, we also look forward to meet and connect, you guys are same welcomed visit us, we have less of a standard infrastructure to offer as shelter for now but we vizualize some more small nests and the samadhi tank so we forsee the summer investing focus at the mountains spot 😉
      All lovely wishes and joyful upcomings for you, lightworking family! 💗

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